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Christmas 2014

This year was the best yet. The “magic” of it all is still real and the children were remarkably caring and thoughtful in their ability to be just as excited giving as receiving. There is no other way to describe it but “joyful.”

Thomas- loved it all and jumped up and down with each gift. He also selected really sweet gifts for Wes and me. His favorite toys were his Ninja turtle motorcycle, a bow and arrow set, and hot wheels race track.

Jack- said thank you a lot and showed much surprise and delight. He thought it was very funny that he selected a few boxes of Mac and cheese as my present…definitely something he will enjoy! His favorite gifts are a globe (what he REALLY wanted) and new hot wheels cars.

James- he has the most curious heart and sensitivity when it comes to watching others open presents. He also liked to explain to each person why he bought what he did. His favorites were a tiger blanket (he thanked Ellie countless times), football gloves, and a Broncos football.

Ellie- she said last night for the very first time that she wanted a kids’ sewing machine, which Santa was incidentally already planning to get for her! Despite a few early frustrations, she is learning to sew quickly and having fun. She got lots of crafts and cooking things. Ellie had also hand-painted pottery gifts for each of us that were so well done and incredibly thoughtful and personalized. Ellie also made sure we honored the true story of Christmas by acting out a nativity play. She designed the set, created costumes, and wrote the script.

The day is ending by watching The Polar Express in our pjs.

So much to cherish!











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