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Rookie Coach Pitch

James, Jack, and Thomas completed their second season of baseball this spring. Last year, they did t-ball and this year they got to do Coach Pitch. It was perfect for them because there are no strike outs and they could use the tee if they had trouble batting.

We also tried a new league this year and the coaches and fellow parents were incredible. We had a great team. The rumor is that we were undefeated. 

The boys started the season with limited enthusiasm and mediocre skills, but by the end, all three loved it and improved significantly. Due to rain cancelations early in the season, we had a game nearly every day in the final two weeks and the boys loved every minute. Big sis may have been tired of watching, but the boys thrived.

Here are my highlights:

  • Jack going from being unable to hit any pitched ball to scoring a home run. 
  • Thomas wearing his uniform as early as possible in the day on game day and celebrating EVERY home run scored.
  • James at “pitcher” getting a double play, assisted by Thomas who caught the ball at first to get a runner out.
  • Pregame warm ups with the call and response: “What time is it?…Game time!…Louder…” 
  • The team keeping a meticulous verbal and hand count of the outs, led in large part by the Barry Boy shouts


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