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And now she is 9…

IMG_1103Dear Ellie,

Today you are nine. We recently realized we are about halfway through your time living in our house before you go to college. These years with you have been some of the best years of our lives. 
You have had some incredible experiences this year: getting to go to Belize, skiing your first black diamond(s), starting piano, & playing basketball.

This year you have shown a lot of growth in your character. You have persevered through school as you adapt to a new environment. You have shown a lot of independence in many areas. You take initiative in your schoolwork and projects and have found a new passion in computers and coding. We see in you an increased sense of confidence. You’re more willing to speak to adults and to present yourself in front of groups than you used to be, whether playing piano in public, conversing with parents of your friends and teammates, or leading prayers.

We admire how you have handled the many changes going on as you grow up. Some of them are fun and easy things, like developing your own playful personality and sense of humor. Others are harmless and subtle, like wanting more privacy or being aware of your appearance in certain settings. Some of your growing pains have been more challenging, like changing moods and emotions that you are learning to process and manage. You’re learning how easy it is to get angry and how hard it is manage anger. We wish we could tell you it gets easier, but even as adults emotions can be difficult to reign in. Additionally, you are more assertive, expressive, questioning, and challenging when you respond to us and navigate rules and freedoms. We know it is often hard and scary, but we also see how you understand our hearts and intentions to seek and follow God’s leading as we journey forward together.

You have spent a lot more time with your brothers than ever before. You thrive when they let you lead, by helping them with school, devising elaborate pretend play, or taking on group projects. They are also very challenging for you as they try to assert their independence, hurt your feelings, and simply think more about themselves than others (and then you have to multiply all of this times three!). Keep hanging in there. As much as you don’t want to admit it sometimes, we can see how much you adore your brothers.

Our reflections would not be complete without mentioning your faith. You continue to increase your understanding of God and the Bible, you are memorizing many verses, and you’re making connections between passages and different things you’ve studied and experienced in life. When the days get hard, never forget to turn to God. He is the best helper and comforter you’ll find and He sees and understands everything you go through.

You are a one-of-a-kind girl with whom we are so pleased. We love you so very much & we are thankful we get to be your parents. We hope we can make the best of the next nine years. Enjoy your last year in the single digits!


Mom and Dad

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