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Wes and I have long desired to get the boys on skis. We were slated to go last month, but with thunderstorms in the forecast we postponed. So, a mid-week trip yesterday was on tap. It far surpassed our expectations.

We arrived to snow and wind. While this would normally be a welcome sight to avid skiers, it actually made us nervous that the kids would start complaining with the cold and low visibility. Remarkably, they NEVER once complained about the weather, or about anything else for that matter.

After checking in and getting our rentals, the boys immediately went with an instructor for a 45-minute lesson. I was very impressed by the methodology the instructor used. Then, it was time for us to take over. The boys insisted we immediately leave the lesson area and try the bunny slope.

So, for the next hour, that’s what we did. It was basically a three-minute ride on the magic carpet up to the top of a small hill. It was perfect for what they needed. At first Wes and I tried to figure out which boy we would help and who would be left to fend for themselves. I had visions of chaos, screaming and crying ensuing shortly. But, that never occurred. We simply worked it out. Quickly, Jack, who is rather impatient, figured out that he was better off getting up and down by himself so he could go at his own pace. After a few rounds he had lapped the other two boys. James and Thomas always had a good attitude, but they struggled at times to figure things out.

Jack was very surprising to us in terms of his enjoyment and excitement. He took to it so quickly, which matters to him as he is often not the first of the boys to grasp something new. He often squatted low and leaned forward to increase his speed. He even started cheering himself on and raising his hands high over his head when he got to the bottom without falling. He asked later in the day to ride the chairlift to try a blue. Both Wes and I did that with him a couple of times with the assistance of the CoPilot. Jack reported at the end of the day that he didn’t think it was going to be fun, but it was. Then, he proceeded to thank us for the trip five times on the drive home.

James did fine. He kept trying and I am confident he will improve quickly when given more chances. Because he is a coachable kid, he would listen to our advice, but not always be able to execute it very well. When we told him to lean a little to turn, he would lean WAY over and soon topple over. At one point, Wes decided to GoPro James. Well, James headed straight for Wes and couldn’t turn out of the way, despite his best efforts and Wes’ animated coaching. The next thing I know, James has crashed¬†into Wes and they are both sprawled out on the slope. It was hilarious to me, though not for others. James didn’t complain that he was tired, but he seemed to show it late in the day and just kept falling.

Thomas said he had a fun time and was agreeable, but I think it had to be a frustrating day for him. He couldn’t seem to get his sense of balance or ski position. He often ended up sitting down when he couldn’t turn or stop and he frequently ended up skiing backwards. His experience was what I expected the day to be like for everyone. I’m happy he is eager to try it again.

Ellie was a trooper. Though our attention was on the boys, she would make some short runs on her own, help the boys where she could, and she even found another girl to ski with.

Wes declared this one of his favorite family outings we have ever done. I have to agree. I look forward to another ski adventure.


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