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Spring 2016


I have no idea why we don’t have a picture of James here. He will likely grow up to have some “middle child syndrome” from often feeling overlooked. I believe he was enjoying his pizza and didn’t want to stop for a photo.

Baseball was a true highlight of this spring. All three boys wanted to play again. This is a sport that neither Wes nor I get very excited about. The games are slow and long and the boys don’t come home exhausted like they do from other sports. But, like last year, by the end of the season, they excel and enjoy it thoroughly. Baseball gets a lot more serious when they age up next year, so the verdict is still out on their future, but there was a lot to celebrate this year. I was so pleased by how quickly they improved and how they assumed leadership roles on the team. They would make sure their teammates had their gear and were in the right batting order. They are also “smart” players. They have a great awareness of who is on base and where the ball needs to get to for an out. Other players seemed to catch on after witnessing the Barry Boys’ fielding skills. There were also some great double and triple plays involving our own boys that make for some awesome moments of pride as a parent. They certainly get a lot of practice at home.

Their wonderful Coach, Jay, was such a caring and encouraging leader. He gave each player an award for the season. Here is what he recognized in each of our boys:

Thomas: “The Glove.” There weren’t many balls he didn’t catch and he excelled at and loved playing first base. His ability to catch well resulted in a lot of outs for his team. Incidentally, he decided very early on in the season to use his hard-earned money to buy a new glove. He thinks coach was impressed by his actual glove and not simply his catching skills.

James: “All Around.” James is a great ball player. He’s a very strong batter and a reliable thrower and catcher. There wasn’t a position he struggled with nor one that he seemed to love more than others. The sport fits his temperament well.

Jack: “The Vacuum.” As we have seen in other sports, Jack has a defensive mind. He loves to play pitcher, which at their age is not a “pitching” position, but is often the receiver of many balls after they are hit. He rarely misses and he quickly sucks that ball in and goes for the out, either by throwing to a base or chasing the player down. He didn’t initially seem that interested in baseball and he struggled to bat. By the end of the season, he had really developed into a strong player and I have no doubt he enjoyed it.

I would also like to highlight Ellie’s favorite part of spring: ART CLASS. The program she is in is phenomenal. The projects are so detailed and elaborate. And, most of all, she comes home each week with the biggest smile on her face. I haven’t seen this kind of passion in her when it comes to sports, but she shines in the art studio.

What a delightful spring it has been!



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