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img_9492Ellie had her school friends over today for a fondue party. It was in honor of her 10th Birthday, but it was more about just having a chance to play with her friends while Wes is away with the boys.

Ellie has always been very good at making wise choices in friends. Until this year, she had connected with individuals, often not being one to associate with a particular group. This year, she had only five girls in her class. I was a little concerned as the new student that she would have a tough time breaking into an established group. However, I have been very relieved to find the other girls very welcoming and incredibly sweet. Tonight I had the first chance to see the girls with each other for an extended period of time and away from school. It blew me away.

The girls have an amazing connection. They came up with their own activities, which included Capture the Flag, Sardines, and an impromptu dance party/gift opening thing. They laughed hysterically, they got loud talking over one another and trying to tell each other stories, and one girl even cried. Before they ate dinner, I asked if anyone wanted to pray. I suspected I would be the one to offer a short prayer by default. Yet, one girl piped up and said she would like to do it. Several others said they wanted to as well. It turned into a “popcorn prayer” where each girl thanked God for Ellie and mentioned a particular quality or trait they loved about her. It was incredibly sweet.

In the end, I had a very joyous feeling realizing that Ellie has found her people. This is a group of girls with whom she shares so much: intelligence, faith, affinity for active fun, and a good sense of humor and confidence. She will grow up with most of these girls. They may be some of her closest friends in life and they will likely be the ones to cause her great pain, too. But, there is reassurance in seeing them today and knowing that this is where she is meant to be and the people with whom she is meant to share life.

So blessed!



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